Valmiera – Gauja Nationam Park – Ruins of the cities of Hansa – Gauja – quite forest roads

This ir a tour for the early bird. We leave just after dawn, at 6:21m, when the nature is just awake and you wake up in a train wagon passing by the forests on your way to Valmiera.

The tour around the most beautiful cities of Vidzeme and the heart of the oldest nature park in Latvia. We get out in Valmiera, a small town that is the largest in Vidzeme, an old member of the Hansa trade union with lots of historical evidence and visit one of the most popular crafts beer brewery in Latvia.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Start and finish from Old-town (or Central station).
DEPARTURE TIME Leaving at 06:21 AM
RETURN TIME Approximately 6:30 PM.
25% asphalt, 75% gravel and forest roads
WEAR Comfortable riding cloth.
Guide Train tickets
Bicycles and helmet
Water or tea in a vacuum flask
Lunch money in Cēsis 

We leave towards Cesis via small forest roads with close to no traffic and away from civilization, where we’ll hear more bird songs than the roar of a vehicle. The road follows the longest river in Latvia – Gauja, and we’ll be able to see some of it’s wonders – Sieņiezis and the Cave of the Blacksmith.

This will not be a tour between tall buildings and cultural sites – this is a relaxing ride filled with fresh air and green forests. We ride until we reach an historic city of knights with ancient traditions and beautiful ruins. We explore the city, have a relaxing lunch and board a train for Riga.

Additional information

Duration1 day
DestinationCesis, Valmiera

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