Ķemeri national park

Ķemeri national park is a natural wonder inhabited by thousands of migrating birds and was once a popular resort for medical tourism and healthy bathing in sulfuric water and sludge. While the times of healthy bathing are long gone, tourists come here to soak in the unique beauty of the region and explore the ruins of a bygone era.

Trail of the Ķemeri marsh

In our mission to break stereotypes about swamps infested by zombies, The Hound of the Baskervilles and disappearing people, we’ll go on a 3km walk around one of the most beautiful nature spots in Latvia – Ķemeri marsh. We’ll come across rare plants, small lakes and potholes and the birds that inhabit them.

momenti-martins-krastins-20150721-1Remains of resort

The town of Ķemeri is a beast of another caliber. Standing side by side, we’ll see houses built more than a century ago as well as those made during the period of the first Latvian republic and scary beasts of the Soviet times. Among those is an abandoned cinema, a restaurant overgrown with trees and a monument dedicated to a Nobel prize winning scientist Ivan Pavlov.

Bird watching

There are two bird watching tours along the route and special plank trails that lead us closer to the birds living on the water.

Sulfur springs

The bravest will have a chance to wander inside the marsh to reach a source of the sulfur springs, where the medicinal, that have made this place famous since the 18th century, comes to surface.

Baltic sea and fishermen villages.

On our way back we’ll visit some of the quite fishermen villages on the coast of the gulf of Riga, that once were full of fishermen and fishing nets. You can still buy some fresh fishes time after time, but mostly these are ideal gettaway’s to lie by the sea and run around the perfect sandy beaches.




DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Pick-up and return from hotel/hostel.
With a possibility to stay in Jūrmala after the tour.
DEPARTURE TIME Leaving at 10:00 from Riga
RETURN TIME Arriving in Riga at 17:00
  • ~ 5 km plank paths through marsh and forest trails
  • solid hiking boots or runners
  • a rain jacket is advised (especially during cold season)
  • small bag for water, snacks or souvenirs
Transportation to/from Ķemeri Tour guide
short visit of Jūrmala
Lunch/dinner at a cafeteria in one of the fishermen’s villages
Water or tea for the road


Additional information

Duration5 hours
LanguageENG, GER, LAT, RUS

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