Riga central market – Jew ghetto history – architecture of the Moscow suburb – Soviet cultural heritage – wooden houses of Pardaugava – islands of Daugava river and the Andrejsala port.

Riga has been a center of the region since its foundation. It has attracted folk of different intents, business and conquerors alike and each of them left a lasting mark in its history. You can’t explore whole Riga in a day, but we’ll make the most of the time we have and will look deep into the heart of Riga. Still central part of it, but not so polished and touristy.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Start and finish in the Old-town
DEPARTURE TIME Leaving at 12:15 AM
RETURN TIME Approximately 6:30 PM.
~10% dedicated bicycle path, 85% paved sidewalk and about 5% on a romantic cobblestone
WEAR Comfortable riding cloth.
Guide Bicycles and helmets
technical and medical support
Water or tea in a vacuum flask

We’ll explore both banks of the Daugava river. We’ll go slow, enjoying the sights and trying to get the glimpse of what lies beneath the exterior of the houses. We’ll go through suburb named after Russian capital Moscow, exploring Riga Ghetto built during WWII and the historical wooden architecture influenced by Orthodox church.

We’ll pay special attention to Soviet architectural heritage and then cross the river passing by one of the highest buildings in Europe (TV tower), entering a different, greener and quieter Riga with a colorful and even older history.

But even here we’ll encounter Soviet architecture on every step, while making our way through streets covered in cobblestone towards the park of Victory.

We’ll finish the tour in Andrejsala – a district close to port, that enjoyed its time as a creative district for a few years, before turning into a hybrid place where artists have their hideouts, youngsters drink beer by the river and businessmen eat brunches and party with their yachts.

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Duration5 hours

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