For many years we have been bringing people from the city to nature and it is not complicated in Riga because nature, as we say, jumps in our mouth. We believe that in nature a person finds peace, inspiration, and maybe it will be exaggerated, but we believe, that in nature, person can feel alive. The more forests and marshes we walk, the more we acknowledge how little we know about them. The more rivers we ship, the more clearly we understand that they look different every day. Our gratification lies in the glittering eyes of people, smiles, and rosy cheeks, when they come out of the woods and we have need to say goodbye. If you ask why we do it, the answer will be simple because we cannot not to do it.



Edgars Ražinskis


I spent my childhood summers in the countryside. Every day we went to the woods to a place where there seems to be nothing at first, but then when you look in the woods carefully, you realize that there’s everything. For more than a decade, I have been in the field of tourism and have a free time everywhere. I am writing a blog about the 100 natural wonders of Latvia dedicated to the centenary of Latvia and published in Latvia’s largest media. Along with hiking in nature, cycling tourism is my passion, it has left Latvia and even gone to Rwanda. I have participated in several expeditions with a cross-country vehicle both in the North of Russia and in the far Altay. I’ve expanded my experience in Georgia by leading tourist groups in the Caucasus Mountains and rafting tours.

Laura Belova


Outdoor life enthusiast with love for nature and our harmony with it. For more than 10 years I have been engaged in yoga, active and healthy lifestyle, trying to share it with others. I have been in the field of non-formal education and tourism for five years. I have gained experience both in Latvia, working in different organizations and training abroad on team building, communication and other skills development. During this time I have been running not only hiking and nature exploration tours in Latvia, but also beyond its borders, guiding groups in trekking in the Tatras and the cross-country skiing expedition behind the Polar Window. I like to challenge myself on the long hiking routes myself, and my passion is mountains and pine forests. I love the natural life of the countryside, I try to return to the primeval roots so that with this knowledge I can share with others and spread this pure love of nature. One of my passions is also the preparation of healthy, balanced and herbal-based food on the campfire or next to it, adding a bouquet of flavors to different countries, so that the food would be an adventure.


Riga bar tours, Old Riga and Art Nouveau are fantastic tourism activities, but Riga is much more. Riga has its own unspoilt nature, it has a sea with beautiful beaches, ancient resorts, bird watching spots and impressive military sites, where the breath of the Empire, Soviet and even Swedish times is felt. Just half an hour drive from Riga is the Ķemeri National Park, where there is an amazing diversity of nature in a small area. The Gauja National Park with Sigulda is located close to Riga, which can be proud of its rich natural heritage.