8542737406_e55c48fba7_bVecāķi has been a favorite resort since Soviet times and it is witnessed by beautiful wooden architecture. We’ll explore the neighborhood of a house, rumored to have served as a spy school during nazi occupation. However nowadays this place is a quiet village of empty houses that comes to life during summers, when hordes of residents from Riga flock to the seaside for sunbathing on the seaside.
Vecāķi resort

Wreck of a ship Lady Cotlin

We’ll be walking towards the lighthouse of Mangaļsala while enjoying sunset over the sea and setting our sights on a reinforced concrete ship that sunk about 300 meters from the shore. It is rumored that the crew of the ship, carrying salt from Sweden, might have had too much fun (viewing the beautiful sunrise) and missed the mouth of river Daugava.

Mouth of river Daugava

Having reached the mouth of the longest river (and also called the river of destiny) that flows through Latvia – Daugava, we’ll be close as ever to the cargo ships that arrive or leave port of Riga and will be able to see the city from afar as it sets into the night.

IMG_0478Bunkers and military fortifications of Tsar Russia and USSR

Once the dusk settles in, we’ll move into the woods and armed with torches and lights, explore the coastal fortification, that has built and left here by Germans, Swedes and Russians and held massive defense cannons. This place is considered a unique historical heritage of military significance, yet not so widespread tourist destination.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Pick-up and return from hotel/hostel.
DEPARTURE TIME Leaving in the afternoon (exact time depends on the time of the sunset). Returning around midnight.
RETURN TIME ~5 hours from start of the tour
  • ~ 12 km on sandy beach and forest roads and trails
  • solid hiking boots or runners
  • a rain jacket is advised (especially during cold season)
  • small bag for water, snacks or souvenirs
Transportation to/from Mangaļsala Tour guide
Water or tea

Additional information

Duration5 hours
LanguageENG, GER, LAT, RUS

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