Unique cultural monuments – Nature in Riga – Soviet military heritage – pure beaches.

For those, looking to see Riga as it is – no Holywood smile and botox – a bit rough but heartwarming, Riga with another story and a different experience.

Riga is not just churches and cemeteries, it’s the people, potholes and the scent of the sea blowing through the harbors of the city and there’s no better way to see and experience it all, as riding a bicycle through it!

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Start from Old-town and return to the Central station
DEPARTURE TIME Leaving at 12:15 AM
RETURN TIME Approximately 6:30 PM.
Most of the route (~80%) follows a dedicated bicycle path, the rest on paved road and some dirt road.
WEAR Comfortable riding cloth.
Guide Meals
2 hours free time on the beach Bicycles
Water or tea in a vacuum flask
Bathing suit

We begin in the center of the city and head out, away from the noises and troubles of civilization, to have an afternoon in perfect sandy beaches and the Baltic (blue) sea (don’t forget to bring swimming suit).

On the route we’ll encounter cultural and architectural monuments from the German and Soviet times and the times from the first Republic of Latvia. Distinguished objects of nature and folklore, parks, forests and lots of happiness that comes from riding a bicycle.

We’ll return to the center in the quiet and comfy train coaches produced just around the corner during the Soviet times and will give you a chance to feel the breath of a bygone era and get under the skin of local residents of the city.

Additional information

Duration5 hours
DestinationRiga, Vecāķi

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